How to make your your tail butt plug fluffy again

Hygienic butt plugs are used as an anal stimulator, anus dilator, and even as a simulator for rectal muscles. Such stoppers can be used not only in bed games; their design allows you to wear such a toy for several hours a day. How to make your tail butt plug fluffy again? With proper use and maintenance you can make it fluffy again. Here is the basic guide.

This is done for several reasons:

They train the muscles of the rectum, which has a beneficial effect on the bloodstream and activates the movement of fluid in the prostate for men. As a result of such training, disease prevention is carried out, and hemorrhoids with prostatitis will not be terrible for you. In addition, some women argue that such training facilitates generic attempts and reduces the likelihood of tears during childbirth.

Preparing for anal sex

It is necessary to start with …