‘Professional Mermaid’ Says Creepy ‘merverts’ Are The Worst Part Of The Job

A professional mermaid is being bombarded with unwanted attention from ‘merverts’ – who have a sexual fetish for the aquatic creatures.

Stephanie Norman, 32, makes a living by performing as a mermaid called Raina and even has a $25,000 collection of tails.

But she has attracted the attention of cyber creeps asking to “hump her belly” and one who told her: “You’re delicious even without any tartar sauce.” Another said “Hello I would like to date with a mermaid but I’m married”, while one leered: “I love to watch you swim.”

Former elementary school teacher Norman even had to call the police after being stalked by a weirdo who read about her unusual career in a newspaper.

“We do get unwanted attention, often sexual in nature, and we call those people ‘merverts.’ Unfortunately, women in general on social media tend to get sexually harassed and mermaids are no different,” she …