8 Pro Tips to Buy the Right Butt Plug

Butt plugs are your key to that dream stimulation at your backdoor. Once inserted, they arouse you with a fulfilling fullness so that you can experience a more passionate orgasm. With a butt plug inside your anal, you can happily engage in clit stimulation or a thrilling sex with your partner. Are you too planning to get a butt plug? Hey, that’s sexy and you will be rewarded with some of the most unforgettable moments of your life. However, there is  wide range of butt plugs available today, so much so that you will be spoilt for choices. But don’t fret, the post below offers a brief on how to buy the right butt plug.

Get a thorough idea on them

Butt plugs, like any sex toys, are a fine blend of science and art. There are lots of things to know and understand about them. So, before you head out to buy, increase your knowledge about the toy. There are various articles online as well as videos that will offer you a good hang on the topic. If you know of any friend who uses butt plug, you may consult her as well for the right choices, usage and recommendations.

Search around

The online world is bustling with a wide variety of butt plugs today, thanks to the growing popularity of the toy. But not every model or brand out there can be trusted equally. Thus, you should take some time out to do your research on the best options in the market. A butt plug is something that you will use inside your body and you can’t take risks with the safety concerns here.

The best way to proceed here is to check the top sites that list down the best butt plugs in the current market. Look for sites that offer a clear picture and vivid review about the toys listed. These sites will help you to take an informed decision before buying a butt plug.

The one you choose should be a highly reputed model from a renowned brand, backed by rave reviews and ratings. You should check both what the previous customers and the market experts have to say about the chosen toy. It’s better not to try the newly released options. They will hardly have any reviews and hence it would be difficult to evaluate them before purchase.

Go for a specialist store

These days many generic retail stores selling butt plugs and other sex toys. Well, that speaks a lot about the immense popularity of sex toys in recent times yet these stores can’t be trusted always. A lot of customers have complained that generic retail stores don’t always offer authentic product. And a cheap butt plug will do more harm than good to your body. Thus, you should always make sure to buy from a shop that specialises in adult toys only. This way, you can be assured of getting the most authentic product.

Mind the material

This is one of the most important points to keep in mind while buying a butt plug.

Butt plugs are crafted from a wide variety of materials, such as- silicone, rubber, glass, jelly, wood, metal and so on. But, not all materials could be safe or compatible for you. As per the experts, you should look for a butt plug that’s made from medical-grade and Phthalate-free material. It’s advised to look for a non-porous material which can be sterilized easily. You must sterilize your butt plug before and after every time you will use it. Silicone will be great choice here.

Check the rigidity

First of all ask yourself for how long you will be using the butt plug in one session. Some women love to wear the plug having sex or enjoying masturbation. But, then, there are many other women who prefer to wear the butt plug for long to enjoy the fullness for hours. Your choice of butt plug will depend a lot on the duration of the usage of the toy.

If you are planning for temporary use, go for a rigid material. Most of the rigid materials work fantastic for prostate play and stationary play. However, if you are in the mood to wear it for a longer time, look for a   flexible material. You need an extremely comfortable material here that will bend with body and enhance comfort as well as the pleasure quotient. If you want a rigid material, solid materials like glass or metal would be a great choice. But, if you want something for a longer period, go for a flexible and soft material like silicone.

What about the size?

Size does matter when it comes to using a butt plug. A large plug could be really damaging for a beginner whose body is not prepared yet for insertion from backdoor. On the other hand, one who has reached an advanced level in anal play, a small plug would be really annoying. So, choose the plug size based on your experience level. If you are a beginner, the diameter of your starter plug shouldn’t be more than 0.75”- 1.25 inches.

Invest in a set

Pro butt plug users always suggest to invest in a set. The beauty of a butt plug set is that it comes with multiple plugs of varying sizes- from small to large. This way, you will have plugs for every level in one single set only.

Do you want a fancy plug?

Are you looking for something out-of-the-box and more decorative than your regular butt plug? Well, in that case, you can settle with a princess plugs. As the name sounds, these plugs are beautifully embellished and carry an unmatched classy aura. One of the signature signs of a princess plug is a tiny cute crystal on the base of the plug. To see how amazing these princess butt plugs you may go to https://lovegasm.co/collections/butt-plug-princess.

Final words

Our anal can’t lubricate on its own. Thus, you should always invest in a good lube while using a butt plug. Just make sure that lube is compatible with the material of the plug.