Fetish Next Level: Unusual kinks the people see worse than fantasy fetish

There are so many weird fetishes and unusual kinks out there. People are into all sorts of things, and there are those that can be quite disturbing or strange. Here, we will go through a list of surprising fetishes that most consider worse than even fantasy fetishes. 


The first one on the list is necrophilia. There is no simple or nice way to cover this part. It is a fetish or a fantasy that involves corpses. Yes, some people dream about having sex with a corpse. 


Now, before you freak out and start thinking about worst-case scenarios, this kink is not common. In fact, there have been just a handful of cases recorded throughout history. It is also worth mentioning that there are several types or categories of necrophilia. But, we will not get into that now. 


For some people, the idea is more than enough. They would never do it for real, and they prefer it as a part of role-playing with their partners. Maybe they enjoy some lich role-play scenarios, for example. At the same time, there are more extreme cases as well, where a person is exclusively focused on having sex with dead people.


Agalmatophilia is another surprising fetish. The name comes from the Greek words agalma and philia. The former means statue, and people with this fetish are attracted to, well, statues. This fetish can also include mannequins and dolls, and it is often included in role-playing. It is another rare kink that often fails to make it to kink lists. 


One of the few documented cases was when a gardener fell in love with the famous Venus de Milo statue. Yeah, he tried to have sex with it. Today, you can find numerous porns about this topic. The genre usually involves people dressed as mannequins or statues, though — not actual marble. 


Trichophilia is a hair fetish, and it usually refers to head hair. People with hair fetish see hair as erotic, and it can be sexually arousing. The most important thing to mention here is that there are people with preferences and those with a fetish. Just because someone prefers that their partner has long hair, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a hair fetish. 


At the same time, there are those who love playing with their partner’s hair as a part of foreplay and include hair play during sex as well. It all comes down to the extent of interest. 


There are a few sub-categories of trichophilia as well. Some people are aroused by haircuts. They find it arousing when they get a haircut or if they are watching someone else get it. In some cases, trichophilia doesn’t have to be related to head hair at all. People are aroused by armpit hair, fur, or chest hair. However, pubic hair fetish is not a part of trichophilia, and it is called pubephilia. 


The next one on the list is katoptronophilia. Katoptron is a Greek word for mirrors, and people with this kink love to engage in sexual activities in front of a mirror. This can include sex with a partner, masturbation, stripping, or even orgies.


There are people who find it kinky, and that’s perfectly fine. You might want to have a better look at your partner from another angle. But if this is your fantasy and you find the entire idea arousing, you might be one of many people with katoptronophilia. 


Some people with this fetish will also show elements of narcissism, especially if they prefer watching themselves in the mirror. It is not rare for people with this fetish to adapt their living space to support their kink. This can include having a room full of mirrors or placing them all over the house so they can have sex in any room.


If you thought that this fetish refers to those who are into hobos, you were 100% right. We’re not joking. Hobophilia is a fetish for people who are homeless or without any possessions. 


There aren’t many people with this fetish, but there are a few. The name comes from a mixture of English and Greek, and it is quite rare. (As you probably noticed, philias or fetishes often have Greek names or are derived from Greek words.)


One of the things we can notice about this kink is that it often has elements of BDSM. Some people fantasize about ultimate findom, where a person will take everything from them, leaving them penniless. 


On the other side of the coin, some folks are into homeless people, which shows elements of dominance. It is a type of powerplay, and they usually realize it through role-playing and fantasy.


Since we are on the subject of weirdness, acrotomophilia is a fetish where a person is aroused by amputees. This is a completely different kink from apotemnophilia, where someone desires to be an amputee. 


It is just one of many forms of attraction to disability. People with this fetish often enjoy dominating their partner, and these relationships have elements of BDSM to them. At the same time, they enjoy the idea of taking care of their significant other and helping them with everyday activities. 


There have been a couple of studies about this fetish, and it turns out that people with this kink prefer leg amputations over arm amputations. Furthermore, single limb amputation is more desirable than double, and most prefer it if the amputee has a stump. There is no reason to explain why so many people find this to be quite weird.

Paraphilic Infantilism

The final entry on the list is paraphilic infantilism. This is an extreme form of age-play, where a person will take the role of an infant. They often wear diapers, drink from a bottle, and act as they believe a baby would act. 


If they are in a relationship, the other person will take the role of a parent or a guardian, and it is another example of power play with elements of BDSM. Usually, people with paraphilic infantilism are called adult babies, and the relationship doesn’t even need to be sexual. 


One of the important things to mention is that this type of role-playing has nothing to do with pedophilia. People who are looking to be in a relationship with an adult baby are not into children. It is more about dominance and submission with elements of age-play.