How to choose the best Sex toys for your G- spot

If you like strong feelings and thrills, if you are not inclined to be content with little in sex and crazy about gigantic sizes, try these great and delicious vibrators– one of the best sex toys for your G-spot! The section presents the largest models for those who love the most intense stimulation. Products have impressive characteristics in every sense; therefore they are able to satisfy almost any desire. So why is it worth buying a big vibrator?

Their main difference from many analogs is, of course, dimensions. If the length of a normal, average vibrator ranges from 17 to 24 centimeters, everything is different here. The length of these vibrators is just starting from 25, and there are also 20-cm products and 35-cm giants! The diameter is also appropriate and is able to please many fans (or fans) of sex in the “hotter” format.

Big vibrator – enjoyment on the verge

As a rule, similar sex toys for fisting are demanded by experienced people, therefore, they are in the top segment of intimate accessories. In other words, their second difference is a high level of quality. Large vibrators are often made in the style of “realistic”. Mostly they have a beautiful design, beautifully painted and beautifully textured. The color scale, all shades and halftones, so characteristic for the excited male penis, are observed. The crimson or saturated red head smoothly turns into a powerful trunk, where sometimes even shadows are worked out.

The trunk itself is most often decorated superbly – the smallest details are worked out. This is done intentionally to add extra realism to the product. If in naturalistic toys small inaccuracies and blemishes can be allowed, then here it is completely inappropriate – any defects are noticeable on a similar scale.

Another characteristic point – large vibrators are made from the purest materials. And all for the same reason – a large product requires very careful execution and study of details. Their quality is monitored separately – they are all hypoallergenic and do not contain any impurities.

And, of course, do not forget about the vibro-module. Huge dimensions – infinite power! He will literally shake you to the core. Due to the special design, the vibration is distributed evenly and can be adjusted at the request of the owner. Choose a mode to taste and appreciate the excellent characteristics of these giants. In some models, the vibration module is removed in order to facilitate the care of the vibrator.

Who are the big vibrators?

Oddly enough, powerful-sized toys are often bought by men overestimating their women’s sexual potential. You need to understand that in this situation, size matters! We strongly recommend that you purchase a vibrator diameter and the anatomical capabilities of the female body before purchasing sexual items. A huge vibrator in addition to sexual pleasure can cause pain and injury! It is unmistakable to assume that experienced, adult women can enjoy such a large toy. We advise young girls to first think or start sexually amusing themselves with a naturalistic phallus. Play it yourself or enjoy with your partner! We are waiting for you in our stores!

How to use the vibrator

The waves of the sexual revolution finally came to you, and you decided to purchase a vibrator, but you never used such products? The following recommendations will help you quickly get used to and “squeeze” out of a purchased toy, as much as possible.

As much as possible fun!

Before you start discovering a new world of masturbation, you should definitely buy a good lubricant. Any sex toy must be used together with lubricant for a normal slip. Before use, be sure to read the instructions. It will answer all your questions: is it possible to use a vibrator in water for example, in the bathroom, how long the batteries are, what modes exist and which button corresponds to which function.