How to make your your tail butt plug fluffy again

Hygienic butt plugs are used as an anal stimulator, anus dilator, and even as a simulator for rectal muscles. Such stoppers can be used not only in bed games; their design allows you to wear such a toy for several hours a day. How to make your tail butt plug fluffy again? With proper use and maintenance you can make it fluffy again. Here is the basic guide.

This is done for several reasons:

They train the muscles of the rectum, which has a beneficial effect on the bloodstream and activates the movement of fluid in the prostate for men. As a result of such training, disease prevention is carried out, and hemorrhoids with prostatitis will not be terrible for you. In addition, some women argue that such training facilitates generic attempts and reduces the likelihood of tears during childbirth.

Preparing for anal sex

It is necessary to start with the smallest model, gradually increasing the size. When the biggest traffic jam ceases to cause discomfort in the anus, the male member will not be scared. Your ass is ready for any anal games. However, the constant wearing – the inheritance.

Most use butt plugs in bed.

The demand for these toys is growing every year, which is not surprising, because butt plug is:

Double pleasure during sex: When there is a plug in the anus that presses against the walls of the vagina and enhances their sensuality, vaginal sex is revealed in a completely different color. In addition, this method of sex is very relevant for those women who have strongly stretched vaginal muscles for example, after childbirth or surgery. He allows them to enjoy again and the joy of love.

If you want to be doubly generous this coming holidays, you can give this butt plug and a chastity cage device as gift.

Visual pleasure from the anal plug

A beautiful sparkling pebble or a playful tail, looking out of an appetizing ass, enhances the sexual attraction of partners and causes a surge in erotic fantasies.

Relaxation alone: If you like to play with your body alone or for today, there is simply no suitable partner; there are butt plugs with a suction cup on the base. They are firmly attached to any flat surface, and an ordinary table, chair, wall or door turns into a device for sex.


Varieties of butt plugs

The classic model has a special extension closer to the base. It does not allow the toy to fall deep into the anus, and with the full introduction of the toy, it stimulates the entrance of the anus. Traditional toys are smooth or imitating the penis in a reduced form, have straight or curved heads or balls on a solid base. This kind of butt plug boosts testosterone of men up.

The material that covers the anal plugs

Usually gentle and pleasant to the touch: silicone, PVC, thermoplastic rubber, UR3, latex, gel. But those who love unusual sensations choose more solid models from: glass, medical metal, wood, and even gold-plated and silver-plated. Some butt plugs combine traditional functions and a vibrator. They are equipped with a vibro-element, and a remote or built-in remote control is used to control pleasure.  To use the product it was more convenient on some models there are rings that allow you to quickly remove the toy from the anus.

Like any other sex toys, butt plugs must be used with anal lubricant in order not to get injured and eliminate unpleasant sensations. The search for new sensations in the sexual life makes the sexual partners manifest boundless imagination, each time implementing amazing scenarios. One of the ways to make a difference in carnal pleasures is the effect on the anal zone. This is the final chord of the sexual symphony, immersing both in the world of bliss and pleasure, and even if you take advantage of a variety of anal plugs, delight and ecstasy are guaranteed.

Academy anal sex: what to start?

One of the important requirements for sex – he just “must” be safe. The tender zone of the anus is easily injured during sudden movements, it is better for beginners to introduce miniature plugs that have a gentle and gentle effect. For the first experiments, it is better to buy a cone in the form of a cone with a smooth surface. It is easier to enter the hole, will not cause discomfort. Attention! Lubricant – compulsory companion of anal sex.

The main criteria for selecting products for beginning anal lovers are:

  • Tapered tip, broad base, rounded shape;
  • Diameter should not be more than 10-12 cm;
  • Too long cork will be a source of discomfort, the ultimate option is 12 cm, this is quite enough for beginners;
  • Excessively soft material will not give the fullness of sensations, it is best to buy silicone butt plug, if it is too expensive, it will be perfectly replaced by polyvinyl chloride.

A huge selection of different models of anal plugs is presented, intimate products of excellent quality are offered at affordable prices. But if you really can’t afford it why not make your own butt plug, to find out how click here and take a reading.