Sea creatures have the kinkiest sex

Today on land many will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a box of chocolate and a nice dinner. But beneath the waves, there’s a wide weird world of projectile penises, belly flops and mass orgies that makes human sexuality look humdrum.

But who are we to judge?

In “Sex in the Sea,” Marah J. Hardt, research co-director of the nonprofit Future for Fish, gathers tales of marine love that are often as hilarious as they are disturbing.

“Right now, somewhere out there in that big blue sea, you can bet that some creature — if not sneaky, and perhaps acrobatic — hank-panky is going on,” Hardt writes.

“We’ve lifted the veil enough to show the colorful and kinky world of sex [that] drives the ever-unfolding diversity and abundance of life in the sea.”

For instance, though the blue whale has the largest penis of any animal in the world …


Does She Fuck the Fish-Man?

The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro’s new movie about a mute Sally Hawkins falling in love with a fish-man in 1960s Baltimore, is an Oscar contender for a reason: It’s a loving ode to outsiders told with care, commitment, and lavish period detail. However, if you’re unsure about whether you want to see the movie, there’s probably one issue lurking in the darkest depths of your mind. With apologies to the foremost poet of our age, everyone keeps asking me if she fucks the fish-man. Buddy, I’m here to give you an answer.

Okay, so: The first hint that del Toro isn’t afraid to go there comes in the film’s opening montage, which is devoted to Hawkins’s character’s daily routine — a hard-boiled egg, a soothing bath, and vigorous masturbation. This is not one of those grey, downtrodden outcasts we meet so often in movies. This is a …


Humans having Sex and Loving Sea Creatures

Guillermo Del Toro’s Shape of Water winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards is historic for a number of reasons: it’s one of the few horror films to win Best Picture, and it’s Del Toro’s first Oscar.

It’s also probably one of the only Oscar-nominated films to include a sex scene between a human being and a sea creature.

The underwater sex scene inspired a slew of memes about the mechanics of an interspecies romance with marine life. Someone even made a Shape of Water dildo, so fans can have their very own model of the fish-man’s junk.

Del Toro isn’t the first person to imagine an aquatic pairing with a human. Here are a few of history’s fictional and real instances of romances with fish and sea creatures.

This aquatic love story, much like Shape of Water, also takes place in a lab.

In the 1960’s, neuroscientist John Lilly …

8 Pro Tips to Buy the Right Butt Plug

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How to choose the best Sex toys for your G- spot

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